Veterans Trails

There are currently numerous Veteran Organisations within Australia that offer various activities to promote self-worth to aid in building stronger mental health but there are currently none that promote Trail Running.

Trail running has the unique ability to let participants of all levels to partake in physical activity in environments which aid mindfulness. Trail running also can give purpose and personal rewards to those who strive to reach and complete their goals.

Veterans Trails will be an organisation that operates in a long term process by continually introducing Trail Running and Mindfulness to the target audience and supporting those participants into the future. The activities are primarily focused on mental wellness through physical activity and goal achievements. Additionally, a large component will be focused on mindfulness through environmental conditions and comradery.

Veterans Trails will provide low key events with small numbers of participants supported by a small support team. Participants are all volunteers. Support staff will be made up of Support staff that will include Drivers of support vehicles, an event Phycologist and event Physiotherapist in conjunction with volunteers. Provision for casual staff will be made on an ongoing basis.


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