Veteran's Trails K'gari Trail Run #5

26th - 29th October 2023
26th - 29th October 2023


K’Gari (also known as Fraser Island) is a World-Heritage-listed island along the south-eastern coast in the Wide Bay–Burnett region, Queensland, Australia. The island is about 123 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide. The island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1,840 square kilometres. It is also Queensland's largest island, Australia's sixth-largest island and the largest island on the east coast of Australia.

The K'gari Weekends will require a three and a half-day time commitment from the participants runners and walkers. Participants will meet and stay in accommodation at Rainbow Beach on Thursday night. The participants will have an early departure on Friday morning to cross the ferry to K'gari at 0600 to travel to the start point for the Trail Run participants. Trail walk participants will then be transported to thier start point.

On completion of the trail activity, participants will be transported to their  accommodation at Happy Valley, K'gari. A completion dinner will be held at the Satinay Bar & Bistro on Friday evening also located in Happy Valley. On the following day, the morning will begin with a recoverey breakfast before participants are taken on a sightseeing tour of K'gari before returning to the accommodation. Sunday will see the cleanup of the campsite and the return to the mainland for the participants.

Veteran’s Trails requires participants who wish to participate in the K’gari events:

  • Veteran’s Trails requires participants who wish to participate in the K’gari events:
    • Subscribe to Veteran’s Trails on the Veteran’s Trails website
    • Complete the Veteran Trial personal information document Veteran's Trails Participant Information
    • Ensure they have insurance, either through own personal or via the insurance on the Veteran’s Trails website (located at the bottom of our website home page)
    • Dedicate sufficient time to attend the allocated K’gari trip
    • Veteran’s Trails asks for a Pay It Forward donation of $150 for participants to help us fund the upcoming K’gari events. If costs are an issue please discuss with the team.
Veteran's Trails K'gari Trail Run #5


The run is suitable for every ability, from experienced trail runners to first-timers and is one of the most rewarding experiences running along one of the most popular islands in the world. Likewise, the trail walk of 16 kn is also suited to those who walk at a pace of 26 minutes per Kilometer.

The trail begins on 75 Mile Beach where Toleerba creek feeds into the Pacific Ocean for 2 km before turning inland past the Dilli Village education facility before leading North west to Checkpoint 1 at Lake Boomanjin. The trail winds around the lake and into the moderate vegetated areas before passing Lake Benaroon to reach Checkpoint 2 located south of Lake Birrabeen which is where the trail walkers will comence thier journey. The trail continues along Lake Birrabeen and past Lake Jennings and to Checkpoint 3 before transiting into the Rainforest area that surrounds the Central Station and into Checkpoint 4. From there, the final leg of the trail continues onto the tranquil Lake McKenzie and the finish line on the white sand. All Checkpoints and the Finish point will be operated by a support crew that will have water, food and medical supplies. Participants will need enough fluids and nourishment to sustain travel between the checkpoints.

For those who are conducting the 16km trail hike, everything will mirror the runners except the start point will be located at Checkpoint 2, just south of Lake Birrabeen.

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