7 February, 2022


Thank you so much for downloading my Step Into Trail Running Training Planner.

The focus of this training planner is to help individuals who are new to trail running to step into the unknown – to experience the thrill of using trail running to explore yourself, your backyard and then places further afield. This trail running training planner can assist athletes with limited running experience to be wilder, play wilder and perform wilder – to take a 6-month period to grow into their chosen goal up to 30km in distance or 4-hours in duration. However, I cannot emphasise strongly enough that this training plan is a guide. I hope that you see it as an opportunity to learn the skills of preparing for trail running goals whilst incorporating exercise into a lifestyle. Therefore, I believe it is absolutely essential for you to use this training planner in combination with the extensive knowledge located in my Trail Running Guidebook. This Guidebook explains in detail the theories behind my training resources, and provides insights on a wide range of important topics such as recovery, common injuries, nutrition & hydration,
and psychology. All of these topics will be imperative to understand prior to your end goal, whether this is a race or your own wild adventure.

I have learnt from my own elite running career and over a decade of coaching endurance runners, that in order to thrive in your chosen goal it is essential that you are willing to sit firmly in the driver’s seat; to listen to your body and fully respect the demands of your personal lifestyle. I call this – being wilder. It is essential to ask yourself the question, ‘Who am I when I am not running?’ If you are struggling to answer this question then there is a strong risk that your running goals will feel unsustainable over the longer term. I can help you to elicit your goals via my Peak Performance Coaching.

Next, it is critical that this goal is fun! Make sure that you incorporate the activities, locations, trails and friendships that you love. I dare you to – play wilder, and to do so unapologetically. Only then will you feel ready to - perform wilder.

As you will see in this training planner, there are plenty of opportunities to select carefully from a breadth of sessions on offer. This is to ensure that you do not place too many stresses on your body thereby risking injury, illness and disengagement from the goal. Feel free to modify any sessions to ensure that you are getting the rest and recuperation that you require to maintain your enjoyment in the goal and your physical health. After all, we are all unique human beings with different recovery capacities… our bodies are certainly not machines!

Finally, the success in this journey is in how much you lean in to the experience as a whole and the ‘self’ you build along the way. How much you thrive and feel yourself growing throughout this 6-month period is a much better measures of success than the end result. I hope that you finish this journey with toes tingling and asking yourself, ‘what next?’

You are about to start on a successful journey that can lead you into a long-term lifestyle incorporating trail running, health, happiness and wilder adventures.

I am excited! Are you?



I founded Find Your Feet’s retail stores in 2014, striving to provide high quality and
ethically made products for all your wild adventures. Find Your Feet now have a
comprehensive range of trail running equipment as well as a team who also love to
help you to play wilder. Therefore, I strongly recommend you visit their website and
reach out if you need any further assistance-

Use this guide to help you to personalise your training planner. Feel free to substitute any of the training sessions outlined in this program with your own activities. For example, if I have suggested jogging on an Easy Day, you may like to swap this for swimming if this is something that you really enjoy? For more detailed information on this concept, please refer to my Trail Running Guidebook. You may also need to arrange an additional Peak Performance Consultation with me.

The information above all comes from Hanny Alliston's "STEP INTO RUNNING" Training Plan. The information below comes from Hanny Alliston's "POINT TO PINNACLE" Training Plan. We have suggested this training plan as it has a shorter period of preparation (12 weeks as opposed to 24 weeks) and we are confident that anyone that can follow the training plan or a plan which is similar will be in great condition to complete the K’Gari trail in the time we have allocated. Please take the time to investigate Hanny's website as you will find plans and information that will assist you in tackling any trail that you find interests you in the future!!

Copyright: Hanny Allston

Veteran's Trails would like to take this time to offer our sincere thanks to Hanny and Graeme for allowing us to place Hanny's Training Plans on our website to provide guidance to our members and to any who are on our site thinking about taking to the trails.

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